Military Vehicles are designed and manufactured to a standard, not price! These vehicles operate in hostile environments and are designed to fight not “runaway”!! Mobility is crucial for every mission so a Vehicle Runflat System must guarantee beadlock, absorb impact on or off-road and be protected from ballistic attack.

  • Our ATR system is an ingenious technology that secures the tyre against the wheel and guarantees beadlock, will absorb impact on or off-road and protect vehicle from ballistic attack.
  • No moving parts so it does not affect balancing, alignment, and is maintenance free so once fitted it remains there ready to protect the vehicle and occupants in an emergency.
  • Designed for the mission and guarantees 50Km minimum distance without the tyre slipping on the wheel.
  • Composite runflat system guarantees 50Km maximum
  • One term investment so you can reuse in case you change your tyres
  • Our ATR is designed with convenience in mind and allows the changing of tires without special equipment and hydraulic press to change tyres.
  • For Military Combat vehicles and off-road heavy-duty trucks

Insert 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, Complete Wheel Assembly:

TYRON ATR is a market leader in multi-piece rubber with steel reinforcement technology that outperforms any other bulletproof Runflat Systems on the market.

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